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Prevent Minnesota Weather from Wreaking Havoc on Your New Home
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Prevent Minnesota Weather from Wreaking Havoc on Your New Home
Extreme climate changes can cause more than the usual wear and tear on building materials. Many Minnesota area home builders take this into account when constructing new houses and advise home owners accordingly.

Minnesota's climate is particularly challenging due to its extreme seasons. Winter can be very cold for long periods of time while summers are usually hot and highly humid. The quick climate changes are perhaps the biggest threat to building materials: with such short springs and falls, the transitional time between extreme hot and cold temperatures is minimal.

Yet there are precautions new homeowners can take to ensure their investment will withstand the harsh climate conditions. Each season has its own guidelines to ease a new home through the changing temperatures.

Pipes are among the hardest hit in the extreme cold of Minnesota winter. Homeowners should be sure to disconnect sump pump discharge hoses from the house to prevent the pipes from freezing and backing up. Extra electricity used for light during the holidays can also be hazardous to homeowners as well as their homes. Electrical connections should be kept tight to reduce any risk of fire.

As winter transitions to summer and Minnesotans prepare for a hot summer, air conditioners should be prepped and cleaned off with a garden hose. Melting snow leftover from colder weather can cause water damage on roofs. Homeowners may want to hire a professional to check for any potentially harmful water damage.

Keeping out the summer heat becomes paramount as June arrives. New homeowners should double-check the caulking seals on the exterior of their home are tight to ensure optimum insulation against damp air which can be harmful to wood. Summer is also a good time to clean out the silver filters on a home's air exchanger.

Homeowners can take advantage of mild fall temperatures to prepare their home for winter. Air conditioning is no longer necessary and can be turned off. The exterior air conditioning unit should be covered with a board and not wrapped in plastic to prevent winter damage. Fallen leaves need to be cleared from gutters in order to prevent ice dams forming during upcoming winter storms.

These are just a few of the tips from Minnesota custom home-builder Hans Hagen Homes that new homeowners can use to stop damage before it starts and keep themselves, their families and their homes safe and healthy throughout the year. Find more seasonal tips and helpful information at Hans Hagen Homes Homeowner Services.

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