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Archive for December, 2008

A History of Shopping to Rochester Minnesota

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Shopping is defined as the examining of goods or services with the intent to buy. It is the activity of selection and purchase from a retailer, and can be traced back to many civilizations throughout history. There is record of shopping lists used by the Romans in ancient Rome. Shopping can be considered as an economic activity, but is most commonly seen as an activity of leisure or recreation. A person will travel from store to store in search of a suitable product to purchase at a suitable price. Shopping is not always a leisure activity for everyone, however. A number of people see it as a task of inconvenience and stress. Long lines, high prices, and bad encounters with employees or other customers are a few reasons why some may look negatively upon the activity. Although changing one’s attitude would most likely solve this negative viewpoint, many people turn instead to online shopping, preferring to buy things from the comfort of their own home using a computer and the internet.

When it comes to shopping in Rochester, MN, many people still enjoy the experience of traveling to the store to buy what they need. There are a number of stores and shopping centers in the city that are able to cater to practically anyone’s needs. One will find everything from shopping malls to antiques to the unique and unusual. Being one of the larger cities in the region, having such a rich history, and being home to a medical facility that is known throughout the world, it is no surprise that such diversity of shopping centers exists. A large number of people come through the Mayo Clinic, each with their own needs and tastes, resulting in shops and stores throughout the city that try and meet those needs and tastes. Although many residents of Rochester stick to the large shopping areas such as Apache Mall or large department stores, there is a section of town that may go undiscovered by many a resident. Right downtown, among the buildings of the Mayo Clinic and hotels, lays a treasure trove of small unique and specialized stores. The stores are close and convenient to those visiting and working at the Mayo Clinic, and are accessible through skyways and the subway. With items from every corner of the globe, the specialty stores offer a much needed window shopping break, or can provide that unique home decoration one has been looking for.